French Bulldog kennel


was registered on November 13, 2012. Personally, we date our birth a year earlier, October 2011, when we brought home our "firstborn" baby girl. Her official FCI name is Elvira, but everyone knows her as FANČA (ie. Francesca, Fany, Frankie etc.).

In less than a year - July 15, 2012 - our party joined the "Blondie" Oldřiška Antonie, called
TONDA (Tony, Anthony etc.). Sometimes we call her also the Teddy Bear.

In November 2014, Innocence V. Flat Devils became the youngest member of the team. She finally adds the missing color to the dream tricolor. The „V.“ in the name means Vendulka,
VENCA, Vendy etc. But we often call her also the Polar Bear or Kelišová (the name of one character from one very popular czech movie, means very very curious old lady in the neighbourhood, which needs to know everything about everybody). She grew up to a beautiful and devoted little girl with the right bulldog temperament (means curious and crazy boob, which welcomes every visit so warmly, that half of the village knows about it).


has, of course, also two-legged members. They are two and their personal "team" was founded more than a decade ago. The driving force, initiator, exhibition handler and the official director is Petr Jůza, the „gray eminence“ in the background, which takes care of photos, presentations, leashes, bowls, kennels and other necessary odds and ends is ing. arch. Martin Holeček.

The aims of the kennel are clear from the outset - to enjoy the coexistence with a pack of grunters and if mother nature gives, to bring to the world healthy and nice puppies, that would honor the breed. And as our income comes from other areas and activities, we take breeding as a hobby and
pleasure, with priority being definitely the quality, not quantity.

Dogs are family members and they are given the same attention and care as everyone else who lives with us. We hope, that we will manage to place all of our puppies in like-minded "teams", so their lives will be just as nice and happy, as ours.

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