As has been said elsewhere, breeding is a hobby for us, so the number of possible „maternity leaves“ is limited to one, up to two per year. By this is also given the frequency of our litters.

Our first puppies were supposed to be born in the summer of 2014, but a future mum Fanynka decided to postpone her turn to the winter, so the
"A's" came to the world in February the following year. Similarly, we had to wait for the litter B. Originally, we had „intensions“ with Tonda in the autumn of 2015, but she got into heat only in February 2016, so our second litter came in the first day of May.

For our third litter, marked with the letter C, we had to wait for over a year. In autumn 2016 we tried to breed Fanyka and in the winter also Tonda, but the girls decided that they simply would not want to be pregnant and that Vendulka is on the turn now. The right moment came in the summer of 2017 and the
C-boys came to the world on September 21, 2017, five days after the Vendulka‘s third birthday.

Regarding the term of further litters, we prefer not to plan anything. Apparently, the girls and mother nature has their own agreement about this, that we have to respect :-).

Anyway, the latest information about our puppies can be always found on our facebook
profile, that we manage to update the most often. Thanks for understanding.

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